Green Light or color blind? 



Green light, the very significant intent in a non-significant conversation.

“Green light” is attributed to qualities of the green on the traffic light. As the green on the traffic light indicates “go” to the driver or pedestrian, so does the green-light in this context indicate a “go ahead” in our social and sexual interaction with people. “It is a tactic in flirting, to give the go-ahead for the other person to ask you out via non-verbal cues” (Shilojean, 2006).

There’s been a lot of controversies and dispute among individuals as a result of miscommunication of intention. I mean, I learnt the hard way that you don’t have to literally tell someone to “go ahead” before they actually “go ahead” or think you want them to. While most guys have successfully gone into a relationship or had sex for accurately reading the traffic light and seeing the green, a lot of guys have been in the wrong for misreading the traffic light.  Let’s take a scenario where a guy is flirting with a girl in his own terms, but this innocent girl has zero idea he’s flirting with her, she responds sequentially but in her own terms, she’s just being friendly and nice. This guy will definitely see this as a green light right? This scenario is a perfect example of mis-reading the traffic light or should we seem the guy color blind? Just like the whole world perceive women to be highly complicated, you cannot mostly/always guess a woman’s feelings, emotions or intentions accurately, hence the misconception. Ladies aren’t the only color indicators, guys also have their own form of indicating green, yellow or red light to the other. Despite the not-so-solid fact that girls rarely take the first move requiring a green/red light, quite seldom does a girl mis-read the light indication a guy gives, this could be due to the simplicity they portray in indicating a light or the fact that they seldom reject a girl. Don’t misquote me, I’m not trying to say guys are simple or what-not, they are just quite simple than their female counterpart.

From the comments above, derived from facebook, we can clearly deduce that it’s a norm to have your intentions misunderstood or should I rather say “your traffic-light mis-read”.

Moreover, there’s a general perception that certain guys possess. They believe most/all ladies are generally rude, and in a case where she ever plays nice with you or move with the flow of the chat, that right there is a perceived green light. Which is not totally true and this cause for grave misunderstandings. There are NICE girls that are just being friendly and not flirting, not all girls are mean, rude or sassy. Gone are the days when the world was comfortable with ladies being nice and friendly, now you have to be mean to show you’re “peng”.

For the record, there’s nothing wrong in asking questions for the sake of clarification. Assumptions are not always accurate and just to prevent misunderstanding, it’s wise to ask the other party, questions, as well as seek their consent before “going ahead”, so you don’t start dating each other without being aware or fooling yourself into thinking they’re into you.


MONDAY MOTIVATION; What Keeps Me Motivated

I got a question from a friend few days ago when I was about shooting a Question and answer video for my YouTube channel. She asked me “what keeps you motivated?” and I told her I would answer her question in my next video. For a second I thought to myself, what really keeps me motivated? As lazy I can be, I acknowledged the fact that I’m still able to juggle school work, my channel and my blog writings which are scheduled to be sequentially back to back every week. Now don’t get me wrong, I get tired, I have breaks, I’ve had thoughts of quitting and giving up on several occasions but there’s always something that keeps me going. A lot of people have given up half way through life because they were unable to find their own motivation, hence they lose focus and give up. It’s not quite easy to achieve our goals so it’s normal to have a feeling of defeat, to want to give up, it’s normal. That’s when your motivation set’s right in, which is really important in achieving your goals. I’m going to give a list on things that keeps me motivated and how I stay motivated to achieve my goals.


1. To Do Lists: Writing down what I want to do, what my daily or monthly or yearly goals are and what I hope to achieve in the nearest future is one way to keep me motivated and focused. I don’t necessarily achieve nearly all the outlined goals but somehow when I pen them down, I stay focused and motivated to achieve them. My to-do list not only contains goals but could be down to irrelevant things like what I’m going to eat for the day, how I’m spending my money or even what I need to work on myself.

2. Motivational Videos: Whenever I’m in one of my many lazy feel days and I know I need to get working but I just can’t seem to get the vibe or energy I need to get down to work, I find my way to YouTube and feed myself with one or more of those motivational videos especially videos talking about strong women in the world and what they were able to accomplish, as well as stories that started from the bottom. Most times, I’m unaware I’m slacking and being unproductive but when I accidentally stumble on those Instagram inspirational, heartwarming videos I immediately get in touch with my productive self and continue from where I left behind.

3. Success/progress of friends: There are times when you open your social media accounts and you see your friends making progress in life and excelling, and you feel you’re not doing anything yourself, what do you do when you get that feel? Most people tend to accept the feeling of envy and let jealousy weigh them down, they could go as sad as wishing bad on those people, even calling them “show-offs”. I mean, it’s okay to post their latest designers kicks, bags and outfits but not their achievements? I for one convert the energy of feeling under-achieved when I see my friends accomplish great things into getting my grind back on and setting my priorities straight once again. It’s basically a source of motivation for me when I see my friends accomplishing great things.

4. Music: The magical powers of music goes way too deep in my life. Be it the lyrics of the songs or even just the beats and instrumentals of a song, they also play a huge role in motivating me.

5. Environment: Any environment I find myself in, can motivate me to get going and sooth my drive. Inspiration can come from anywhere, even the miniature details.

6. My future Babies: Whenever I time-travel to my future and think of the life I want to build for my future kids, I know fully well, lazing around and doing nothing with no direction won’t help me attain them. I gotta get up and work for the life and comfort of my future kids. They are a major motivation for me. Certain things I’m tempted to do, I just sit back and wonder whether or not my future kids would be proud.

7. Money: Who wants to end up broke in life? Of course no one. Long story cut short, we can’t make money while we idle around.

8. Word of mouth: I usually get motivated to do greater and better things when I get positive comments from people including the negative remarks and constructive criticism all gave their own unique way of motivating me.

All these mentioned are the major motivators in my life among others. It’s very important to find your own motivators to keep you moving when the vibes are down.

27 Relate-able Valentine Meme’s

It’s valentine’s day tomorrow and there are 3 types of people- The one’s with a date, the single one’s who are still turning up February the 14th and finally, the one’s that cannot go and kill themselves. Which are you? Below are 27 meme’s on the internet that 80% of us are able to relate to this valentine’s period.
1.The golden advice;

2. The Ultimate plan;

3. The romantic triangles;

4.The backbencher;


5. Every man’s ideal side-chick;


6. Trick or treat;


7. Wait for the Ass you get when you’re “bae-less”;


8. The jealous neighbor;


9. When life threw lemons at you;

10. The true meaning of Valentine’s day to certain people;


11. The perfect money-saving plan;


12. You can’t run from me;


13. The blackmailing side-chick;


14. Prayer for the souls;


15.  The Angry birds;


16. Typical after-math


17. The “more important than you” milk;


18. It’s an order!!


19. Spoiler Alert;


20. The one’s who don’t have any fuck’s to give;


21. The love-letter;


22. Savage responses;



23. Don’t take it to heart;
24. Motivation  or Shade?


25. Letter to the secret admirers;


26. Another outrageous plan;


27. The clueless boyfriend;



Friends, Fans, and Celebrities

I’ve been intending to write or talk on this topic for quite a long time either on my blog or my channel, mostly for the reason that virtually EVERYONE who has something going on, either a business or their own unique hustle- faces the challenge of not having friends support their hustle. As disheartening as it may be to not have your friends, especially your close ones support your hustle. There are vast reasons and scenarios for this which I’m going to point out in this article.

Let’s look at a scenario (typically mine), where a blogger/YouTuber who’s basically upcoming and has little or no fan base at all but relies on the support from friends and family is disappointed at the effort put in by friends and family to support the ministry. It’s really painful, especially when the love comes from people you barely talk to and people you don’t know. Or more common scenarios, friends who proudly show massive support to celebrities that are unaware of their very existence, but pay no attention to what you do. There are of course, God-sent friends who support enormously and go as far as encouraging others to support, but there are also supposed friends who don’t even show interest in what you got going on regardless of the bond you share. Sad right? Well I pondered on what the reason could be. Most times hate and jealousy isn’t the case. True we have jealous friends, friends who want to see you doing good but not better than them. Those are reasons a lot of people decide to settle with and end up seeing those friends as haters.

But let’s think outside the box, would their efforts be sufficiently appreciated? We are all busy, would you appreciate their time taken to show love? It’s a norm that whenever a celebrity shows love, the appreciation you show is visibly different to how you appreciate your own friends. You could go as far as showing the entire world that a “celebrity” recognizes your work, but when it comes to your “friend”, you just give a simple “aww, thank you”? You value the effort of a celebrity (which in some cases might be done for publicity stunt), to that of your friend. 


We also have very regular normal reasons; either they are short on data to watch your online videos, they have little to money at all to patronize your business or they are currently preoccupied and understandably don’t have time to spare.
In some cases however, your friends and family may support you in other significant ways. Financially for example, my dad is not a “media” person and also a very busy person, no time to spare. Hence, he barely watches my videos nor read my blog post, not until I forcefully give him to watch or read. But his support is majorly financially, money for data expense which I use to upload and surf the net to better improve myself, money to purchase necessary equipments etc. Another example is moral support, little advice on how to run your business and grow,from friends and family is also very valuable and necessary. I have few of my friends who proofread my works sometimes before I post, also honest opinions and comments on your work as well as constructive criticism which plays a major role on your growth.  All these are ways support is obtained from friends and family significantly. 


Your support can also go a long way in building, developing, maintaining and sustaining your friendship with people whom you show love to and their work. Try your possible best to put in effort to the business progress and growth of people close to you. Expecting free service simply because they’re friends is not appropriate. I used to have a mindset of “no friendship in business”, but the least you should expect is a discount price and not “FREE” service or product unless of course they decide to willingly. 
The effort put in your business or whatever hustle you got going on by your friends should be appropriately appreciated, keep up with comments and try to reply ALL. You don’t want to play celebrity on your friends- Trust me you don’t, because it’s a fast track to loosing supportive friends.


Spend, but don’t get Broke!

It’s back to school week and I bet our pockets, wallets and bank accounts are popping, whether it’s popping with school fees oryour personal money for school, probably half or more than half of the money has already been spent in your mind. We students are likely getting ourselves into a cycle of debt/and broke-ness.But maybe, or maybe not you plan living on a budget to “alleviate poverty” in the nearest future and dry wallets/accounts. Although it’s not fun, easy and does not look possible, keep in mind that the key to financial breakthrough is being self-conscious on how you spend your money. Also note that there’s a gap between being cheap and spending savvy. There’s no crime in living within your means and not beyond. 
Spend your money wisely and avoid to the minimum, being broke with the following tips;
For every project you intend to spend money on, you should have a budget set out and plans to execute the budget successful with little or no going above the budget. Oh and STICK to your budget.
Don’t make impulse purchases
It’s necessary to pay bills on time, because when you hold on to the money, you will be tempted to spend it and when you do, you’ll have to make-up for the money and you might result into borrowing. There another preventable expense incurred.
Cooking is not limited to girls only, as a student bachelor you should rather invest on purchasing a stove, gas or whichever you prefer to be cooking. It’s more cost-effective than eating out or buying food on a regular.
Any distance you can walk, you should walk and not take public transport if you do not have a car. You can further take out small change to buy water, rehydrate and move on.  After all a good walking exercise is necessary. Except you’re in a rush, I would encourage the walk, money for transport fare can hence be used for important things.
You want to be chairman or chairlady and suffer being broke? True that there’s nothing wrong in spending on your friends or sponsoring y’all once in a while but there’s also no shame in splitting the bill, besides you lot might be surviving on allowance and not earning so flex with sense. But whereas you have a friend who’s always sponsoring, please try to take up the bill often as well and don’t end up being a leech.
Sell what you no longer need nor use. There are websites such as OLX, jiji and Gidimarket where you can sell off your unwanted or used clothing’s, tech items, furniture’s etc.
If you can’t afford the school handout or it’s way beyond your budget then why do we have smartphones? Take pictures from those who can afford it and be happy with life. You can arrange each of the photos taken in one folder to distinguish courses. If you’re worried with having to read from your phone then simply transfer them to your pc. Simple!
Attend classes! You’re paying for them and skipping them is like throwing money out the window. (wink)
A piggy bank comes in handy. You won’t feel the impact or importance of a piggy bank until you’re in an emergency need of impromptu money. Start a piggy bank and fill it up with coins and the tiniest of money or even more.
Don’t buy music! Use free websites to download your songs. You can support the artist by buying their music when you start earning.
Shop with friends. You can buy things and supplies in bulk (which is usually imperatively cheaper) and then you can split the items.
No shame in shopping from “okirika”, atleast even “okirika” has grade. So do you need a dress so urgently or just want to add to your wardrobe? Check the thrift store. You’d be surprised at how much you can slay with those clothes and how many of your slay queens patronize the thrift store known in my father’s land as “okirika”.
Pay with cash. There’s a high tendency to over-spend while using credit cards. You might not be able to know the gravity of cash you are dishing out when using credit card, but releasing money out in cash can knock some sense into your spending spirit.
Most importantly! NEVER buy what you don’t need before what you need. Prioritize your options and needs, more like a scale of preference to set your spending priorities straight.

What My Christmas Looked Like

With melodies from carol nights, dazzling decorations all over town, hamper giveaways, Christmas trees and lights, Jingle bells and the aroma of delicious cooking rice, my Christmas wasn’t your very regular Christmas atmosphere. I should have been filled with so much joy and in a festive spirit but turned out I was in no control on how my Christmas would turn out, neither did I enjoy any bit of it.
My holiday started just immediately after my exams were over being the 13th of December 2017, right after that was a brief moment of fun, thanks to my birthday celebration and spending extra few days in school. The fun ended almost abruptly just as soon as I got to my parent’s house in Asaba, Delta state. Excluding the first two days where I got the “fresh outta school” treatment, my Christmas horror story had begun. I got news from my mum concerning an unsuccessful robbery attack in our house and I was sternly warned by my dad to step no foot outside the gate. The warning was so vivid that I couldn’t even go out to buy recharge card from a nearby store. Despite the fact that I had made public plans with friends on how we were going to turn up, I couldn’t deal with the fact that my Christmas was ruined. I even got no gift from anyone in the name of Christmas present, that would’ve consoled me a little bit.
It didn’t take up to more than one day before the supposed burglars tried breaking into our house through the gate but luckily for us and through divine intervention our gateman was able to make a good shot at one of the burglars who was nearly successful at breaking indirectly at the neck (I doubt he’ll survive that, RIP). This made security in our house tighter that I couldn’t even come out to the compound. 
Like that wasn’t sad enough, Christmas eve approached and my mum sought to turn everyone in the house to a caterer, sadly I was engrossed in the work I couldn’t take photos. The cooking of coolersof rice varietiesjollof rice, fried rice and white rice and stew, including pounded yam and soups, lasted till Christmas day the 25th. I was extremely fagged out. On the 25th all cooking’s came to an end at around 3pm followed by trooping in of visitors causing my mum to turn our house to a restaurant. It was a buffet for our lucky visitors and the amount of plates I served and washed should cost me a fortune if I were to be paid for it. Amidst all these I was still under house arrest. It was a complete disaster.
While shooting a video for my YouTube channel, my mum forced me to go out with her and my little cousins… imagine what that outing would look like. We eventually got stuck in queue at a filling station for over an hour before we headed for the mall. The mall was quite clogged hence our wonderful outing was over and I went back home.
On the 27th of December, my mum was trailed from her boutique down to the house by a car with covered plate number, this was cause for more alarm and security became even tighter. We had “mopol’s” threading our compound and my house arrest became stricter. I had no mouth to plead a mini outing as the only out I went was to church and back home.
Moreover since I’m unable to visit friends nor have a proper outing, this year’s Christmas is officially the worst. Merry Christmas all the same to all my faithful readers and I sincerely hope your Christmas was nothing close to mine. Have a prosperous new year and welcome to 2018!!!

20 Lessons at 20!!!!!!!!


First of all, I want to thank the almighty God for the gift of life, for 20 years on this beautiful earth. I want to give a shout out to my ever amazing family both nuclear and extended. Also to the friends I have in my life, friends turned family and friends turned “frienemies”. Finally, to my wonderful and faithful readers, y’all keep me moving ♡ I turned 20 a few days back (15 December) and in the 20 years I’ve lived, I loved, I experienced, I felt, I hoped, I dreamt, I failed, I excelled but above all I learnt. I personally believe the age comes with its lessons. I look back at my life with a relief of how far I’ve come, how much my life has changed over the past 20 years and i decided to compile the important ones, the important 20.

1.Life Wait’s For No One: Life doesn’t wait on hold simply because you’re unable to keep up. You have to buckle up and keep moving at all times.

2.Connection is key to happy relationships: It’s not always about baseless conversations and outward attraction. Having some sort of connection with someone, builds and strengthens positive relationships. 

3. Don’t judge your chapter 1 based on someone else’s chapter 30: Even as a blogger, reading other blogger’s articles and especially YouTube videos, I sometimes feel underachieved and feel like I’m doing nothing. But then I usually comfort myself with the fact that I’m a beginner who’s barely consistent and with time I’d get there because we are all working on different timelines.

4. You can’t please everyone: Apparently, no matter what you try to do, you’re not “jollof” rice, you can’t make everyone happy. Even “jollof” rice is still unable to please certain people. The best thing is to just do you, do what’s right and do what makes you happy.

5. Little things matter: You’d be very surprised at how little things, gestures, efforts and even appreciation can go a long way to make big impacts. No matter how little you start saving, in the long run you open up a bountiful harvest.

6.Promises don’t pan out most times: Lots of people have made promises to me and lots of people have failed to keep to their promise. I realize, promises don’t pan out most times. Even I, have failed to keep to some or most of my promises.

7. Relationships aren’t forced: No they’re not. A forced relationship is not solid and isn’t real. You can’t force friendships, you should know where you stand in someone’s life and stay in your lane.

8. Trust takes a lot of time to build and re-build: Quite a number of people have trust issues, someone like me for example, it takes a lot of time to gain trust from such people and once you screw them over, it takes longer time to re-build and regain their trust. Sometimes you may never be successful in regaining. Once bitten, twice shy.

9. Don’t go broke trying to look rich: I’d rather have a $5 dollar bag with $195 in the bank than a $200 bag with $0 in the bank. You’re broke when you spend twice as much as you earn and it really isn’t worth it going broke trying to look rich, suffering on the inside while chilling on the outside.

10. Change is the only thing constant: In the statistics of “Life” take constant (k) to be change. You’d realize not everything last forever, things are bound to change.

11. Investing in your skill(s) is a strategy for success: There’s a quote “Hardwork beats talent” and that’s pretty much the truth no matter how much you argue with your ancestors. It’s not enough to just be able to sing, you have to work constantly to improve your singing skills especially in the  ever changing global environment. Improve on your skills constantly and you’re gradually on a road-walk to success.

12. Walk away; As much as it’s a difficult thing to do especially for me, I’ve learnt to always walk away from certain situations and matters that aren’t necessary to pay attention to.

13. Silence isn’t always golden; In some certain situations, silence can kill, you have to open up. Yes silence is golden, but it isn’t always golden.

14. Failure is inevitable; Failure is an inevitable and necessary part of the learning process, but it’s a part that we fear.

15. The world doesn’t care: I’m a constant and steady “Snapchat” user, uploading my everyday life. I do this for fun, but one thing is for sure, no one cares what food I’m eating in the morning, no one cares where I’m traveling to, no one cares about my problems and all those good stuff with an exception of maybe a few cherishable people.

16. Rely on men and be disappointed: I’m not being gender-specific, I mean men(men and women). If you rely on men, you’re bound to get disappointed. Never expect anything from people or your expectations will crash.

17. There’s more to life than possessions: Possessions  will  fade away, but memories last for a long time, your happiness matters in the long run, your certificates serves in a lifetime. Live life, don’t let life pass through you when you’re to be passing through life.

18. Go for what you want: Good things come to those who wait, because the best things are taken by those who GO FOR IT. You want something? Ain’t no better time than now to go for what you want.

19.  Creativity is vital: Creativity is the very essence of creation, the world was creatively created 😉. Creativity beats protocols and norm.
20 Friends are important: I always emphasize on friendship because friends play important role in our lives, they can either make you or break you, either lead to your success or lead to your downfall. But when you get the right one’s, cherish and value them, it costs nothing to check up on people you care about and let them know they’re important to you.



10 Fascinating Facts About My Early Life

Hey there 👋🏽 Did you know it’s December? Of course you do 🙄 But do you know it’s my Birth-month??? 😍😍 Guessed not!! It’s my month, hence all my December posts are going to be just about me! And this article is about my childhood facts. Before we dig into this, I want to appreciate all my readers, for the love y’all have shown, I love you guys and thank you so much for the support ❤️👏🏾. Let’s get digging 😈🙈

1. Chubby Winnie

This picture doesn’t really portray how chubby I was as a baby, but I’m going to stick with this! And yes, as hard as it may be to believe that the skinny ass Winnie that I am now was ever chubby, I really was. 😫 and of course not, it didn’t stick with me, I’m slim now ☺️Whatever happened to those fats tho?

2. Only child 👨‍👩‍👧

It was just us trio!! My mum, my dad and I ❤️  It had its perks tho, the good, the bad and the ugly of being an only child. And no it didn’t stick, I enjoyed being the only one, till my brother came through 14 years later 😪 I had to give up almost everything for him and my parents attention was divided 70-30 😭 He’s still a blessing ❤️❤️

3. The Finger sucking baby 🤭

There’s no way this was going to stick with me!! 😫 It was one of my most embarrassing habit! I used to suck my finger a lot. Started with my thumb and graduated to the index finger and no amount of punishment from my parents could stop me, only a little silly crush I had in “Jss” 1 that was able to make me stop 🙂 Story for another day 😂

4. The bed-wetter 💦

I feel embarrassed even typing this but I used to “pee” on the bed. Couldn’t stop until I entered boarding school. 😭 It was really  embarrassing for me.

5. Little Einstein

I can’t even remember what it feels like to love reading 😫 but as a child, I had a mini-library with more books than what is shown in the picture above. I loved reading, at least I wasn’t mandated to read in order to obtain some marks. I just loved reading, but sadly it didn’t stick with me. Working on regaining this old habit once again.

6. Daddy’s Little girl🌸

I was daddy’s girl 💁🏽‍♀️ I’m STILL daddy’s girl 😍 I’ll always be daddy’s girl! Till he hands me over to someone else on the alter. He’s one hell of a strong, loving and disciplined man, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but he made sure his baby girl never lacked anything she needed.

7. For the love of Cakes 🎂

My birthday has always been so special to me I can’t have “not” celebrating it. If I’m not celebrating it, I’m marking it with cakes and friends. Just something special! I still have this habit of attaching so much to birthdays. It’s always going to stick with me 😂

8. The world is my playground!

If you know me personally, you’d know that I’m such a playful person. I’ve always been a playful child and I grew up to still give in to play. You can’t take that out of me, it still sticks with me😌 Life is too short to ALWAYS be stuck up.

9. Why school?

I’ve always had mixed emotions for school. It did stick with me. Today I’m loving school, tomorrow I’m wondering what I’m doing in school. I practically changed multiple schools multiple times. Attended 2 different nursery schools, a different primary school, 3 different secondary schools and currently, 2 different Universities. I can’t even imagine how my CV would be. 😭

10. Show me the pool 😍

It has always been a hobby to be in the pool. Even when I didn’t know how to swim, I still loved being in my swim-suit and playing in the pool. It’s one habit that still sticks with me. My love for pool is undying.

So basically, these are 10 facts from childhood that followed me through my teenage years while some ended where they did. Special appreciation to my adorable parents for giving me the opportunity to experience a life-time childhood I can never forget. Hey, it’s December, just in case you almost forgot. It’s my birth month. 😍😍